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Acquisitions and Divestitures

Buyer Advisory Service

The advisors are very happy to consult with a buyer on particular acquisition strategies and target companies. The team has a wealth of knowledge and contacts in the travel industry and are in direct contact with many travel business owners, as well as having several mandates at any one time.

The team have spent the majority of their professional life either in the shoes of a vendor or acting on behalf of a vendor and bring an experienced insight and perspective from the other side into the project.

While we normally exclusively advise the vendors in a transaction, in some limited circumstances and, certainly, where there is no conflict of interest, we will advise buyers as a client. For example if a buyer is seeking to enter a new market, TTO can work with the client, in as large a capacity as required, to manage the project, analyse the market, identify targets and negotiate deal terms, price and contracts.

Corporate Divestitures

Before accepting an engagement to sell a business for an owner or management team, TTO determines the value-added role it can bring to the transaction. A successful result must begin with a complete understanding of the client's expectations and a comprehensive assessment of the marketability of the business to be sold.

Most successful businesses have a lawyer and an accountant that they trust implicitly. Frequently, these advisors do not possess a strong knowledge of the process of successfully portioning a company for sale, negotiating with seasoned acquirers and closing in a timely manner.

Investment bankers earn compensation by effectively and competently advising the shareholders or management team on the details of the transaction process. During the divestiture process, the investment banker serves as the project manager, tapping into the skills of the lawyer and accountant where appropriate and, in the process, forming a cohesive advisory team.

Management regularly spends a considerable amount of valuable time and effort creating and refining their marketing plans. Planning for the divestiture of a company asset rarely receives the same level of concentrated effort. Defining and planning for the requirements of the divestiture process is a time consuming and continuously evolving process.

An "average" divestiture project takes greater than (>) 400 hours, considerably more for an international transaction, of the investment banker's time. Senior executives are frequently consumed with the day-to-day requirements of running the business, leaving little time to explore and aggressively pursue all alternatives. For those executives who try to manage the sale process while running a business, one or both efforts are likely to suffer or fail altogether.

TTO select few and very particular clients to work with at any one time and consequently spend a great deal of time and effort focusing on a particular client's transaction. Our clients will be at the forefront of our priorities and will receive the dedication and attention you would expect.

If you would like to discuss a divestiture of any of your business assets we advise you to have an exploratory meeting with us to establish the viability of the divestiture and its likely market.