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Prepare to sell your business:

If you had spent ten years or more building a business, you would enter a sale process with proper preparation and deliberation.

Businesses that are marketed for sale without having been properly prepared for the demands of buyer due diligence and astute negotiation are not likely to complete or if they do reach completion, are unlikely to meet, let alone exceed, the vendor's expectations.

If the business fails to sell, shareholder value can be eroded by market awareness of a failed sale process as the business can be seen as damaged goods. If a transaction does complete, it is likely that the value achieved will fall far short of what could have been achieved by properly preparing the business for sale.

Ensuring a result that meets or exceeds expectations requires early preparation. Having extensive experience in selling businesses, TTO understands precisely what actions can and should be taken in advance of running a sale process in order to maximise value for shareholders.

Call Henry and Harry, in strict confidence, to discuss planning your exit strategy now.