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Our Answers to Your Questions

What needs to be done to prepare my business well for sale?

Optimising a business for sale has many aspects. You need someone to look at all of your business functions objectively, adopting the point of view of potential investors and/or acquirers.

When is the best time to sell a business?

The value of a business changes throughout itís lifecycle, however it does not always go up. There are many variables that affect the time to sell a business, including many very personal reasons; we will guide you through all the difficult questions to resolve with you the best time to approach the market. As the business owner you remain in complete control of any decision to pursue a sale to completion.

How long does a typical sale take?

Typically a sale can be completed in under 6 months, however it rarely is. Often there are unforeseen circumstances that can have an impact. Have no doubt that if we are instructed, and as the business owner you retain the appetite to sell, we will put all our energy into completing within a given timeframe.

Why should I retain a financial adviser?

To expect to handle a transaction without having managed a process is not likely to result in a successful completion. To expect to complete a transaction whilst continuing to run your business is likely to result in your business suffering. Too many times we have seen business owners attempt a sale without advice, or with just legal or accountancy advisors, and too many times we have seen transactions fail to complete and businesses suffer. Ultimately if you appoint an advisor the fees they earn will be more than offset by the increase in sale value they achieve.

In which industry sectors do you specialise?

We have completed transactions in many different sectors, particularly travel, technology, media, publishing, education and healthcare.

Don't I need a sector expert to sell my business?

Not especially. The landscape of acquisitive companies is evolving so rapidly it is impossible to maintain relationships with them all. Therefore, for each appointment we start from scratch to ensure we don't miss any potential partner. However, as we are sector experts we do have a great many companies that we talk to and can discreetly approach for their acquisition views.

Why should I choose TTO over a larger investment bank?

We are your point of contact and we do the work. We don't sub-contract to a junior associate. We handle all negotiations and discussions. It is critical that nothing slips through the net as even the tiniest mistake can lead to costly errors. As we are a full service advisory, we only take on a very select number of clients at any one time, so you will have our undivided attention at any time of day.

How do you charge for your services?

We charge a minimal monthly retainer that is deducted from a success fee, which is normally a percentage of the sale value we achieve, payable on completion when you receive your consideration.

Why do you specialise in advising the sellers of businesses?

During our careers we have seen too many good private companies sold for less than their real value. In many cases we know the savvy buyers and how easy it is for them to wrap up business owners in exclusivity with the lure of a false promise. Inevitably the buyer reduces the price and, with no other option, the vendor reluctantly agrees to sell for a value that we believe easily could have been maintained or exceeded with a professionally-run process and professional negotiation techniques.

Do you also advise clients on acquisitions?

Yes we do, although we would have to ensure there were no conflicts of interest. Normally we would advise clients on acquisitions with a view to advising them on their future sale. We also are happy to advise group companies on the divestment of any subsidiary or asset.

It sounds as though you might be able to help me. What should I do next?

Call us for a confidential discussion.

Would your previous clients vouch for you?

Absolutely. They do.