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Selling Your Business

If you are looking to sell your travel business then call us now for a confidential discussion.

Selling the business that you have worked hard to build should be handled with care. A sale is generally a once-in-a-lifetime event, there is no dress rehearsal.

All the various stakeholders in a sale process - you, your shareholders, investors, accountants, lawyers and even the buyers - drive to close a sale, yet none directly represent you and your family's interests. Our expertise is to negotiate, on your behalf, the best terms, whilst maximising the price achieved and to advise you on making the best decisions throughout the process.

We provide a complete and dedicated service, typically project-managing a transaction from initiation to completion. As you would expect the attention to detail for a project of this kind is meticulous; our last international transaction took over 1300 hours of our time.

With over 40 years of experience of the travel sector and business sales and an established network of senior contacts, we will work with you to ensure that during a sale process there is a minimum of disruption to you, your staff and, ultimately, your business.

We are professionally discreet and provide support and advice in the following key areas:

  1. Valuation of your business
    Utilising our extensive experience, market knowledge and financial expertise we are able to model your business to give you a comprehensive valuation. This is a free, no obligation service and of course is completely confidential.
  2. Preparation of sales particulars
    It may seem obvious but the sales particulars are the first impression that any potential buyer will have of your business. We are able to use our marketing experience to prepare detailed and impactful sales documentation.
  3. Buyer screening
    When selling a business you will have to deal with time wasters and people fishing for information with no real intention of making you an offer. We screen all potential buyers and put in place strict, legally binding confidentiality agreements to protect you.
  4. Database of Buyers
    We have an extensive database of acquisitive businesses. If required we can find you a buyer through our network so that a sale can be completed discreetly and "off-market". In any event, we ensure complete confidentiality so that your competitors have no leverage, indeed often even your employees will not know until the deal is completed.
  5. Management of a competitive sale process
    You deal with us rather than many potential purchasers, enabling you to focus on protecting and enhancing the value of your business by getting on with running it.
  6. Negotiation of the salient terms
    The sale process includes legally binding terminology and concepts that may be foreign to you. A commercial advisor will oversee your best interests and ensure the legal documents provide as much protection as possible. Similarly, we will advise you on ensuring the agreed terms are as much in your favour as possible.
  7. Advisor selection
    Getting the right advisors ensures that you minimise costs through an efficient process. Having worked with many specialists in legal and accountancy advice we can help you to select the right partner for you. We can negotiate fee arrangements on your behalf to give you more certainty over the transaction costs.

If you are looking to sell your travel business then call us now for a confidential discussion.